Oracle EBS 12.2.6 Some Useful Concurrent Managers Queries

@ Check status of Concurrent managers

# SELECT   t.user_concurrent_queue_name AS "Concurrent Manager Name",
         b.max_processes AS "Actual Processes",
         b.running_processes AS "Target Processes",
         b.concurrent_queue_name, b.cache_size,
         b.min_processes, b.target_processes, b.target_node, b.sleep_seconds,
         b.diagnostic_level, b.manager_type, b.enabled_flag, t.description
    FROM fnd_concurrent_queues_tl t, fnd_concurrent_queues b
   WHERE b.application_id = t.application_id
    AND b.concurrent_queue_id = t.concurrent_queue_id
    AND b.enabled_flag = 'Y'
    order by b.max_processes desc

@ Check Status of Actual value and Target value of Concurrent Managers

# select decode(CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME,'FNDICM','Internal Manager','FNDCRM',
'Conflict Resolution Manager','AMSDMIN','Marketing Data Mining Manager',
'C_AQCT_SVC','C AQCART Service','FFTM','FastFormula Transaction Manager',
'FNDCPOPP','Output Post Processor','FNDSCH','Scheduler/Prereleaser Manager',
'FNDSM_AQHERP','Service Manager: AQHERP','FTE_TXN_MANAGER','Transportation Manager',
'IEU_SH_CS','Session History Cleanup','IEU_WL_CS','UWQ Worklist Items Release for Crashed session',
'INVMGR','Inventory Manager','INVTMRPM','INV Remote Procedure Manager','OAMCOLMGR',
'OAM Metrics Collection Manager','PASMGR','PA Streamline Manager','PODAMGR',
'PO Document Approval Manager','RCVOLTM','Receiving Transaction Manager','STANDARD',
'Standard Manager','WFALSNRSVC','Workflow Agent Listener Service','WFMLRSVC','Workflow Mailer Service',
'WFWSSVC','Workflow Document Web Services Service','WMSTAMGR','WMS Task Archiving Manager',
'XDP_APPL_SVC','SFM Application Monitoring Service','XDP_CTRL_SVC','SFM Controller Service',
'XDP_Q_EVENT_SVC','SFM Event Manager Queue Service','XDP_Q_FA_SVC','SFM Fulfillment Actions Queue Service',
'XDP_Q_FE_READY_SVC','SFM Fulfillment Element Ready Queue Service','XDP_Q_IN_MSG_SVC',
'SFM Inbound Messages Queue Service','XDP_Q_ORDER_SVC','SFM Order Queue Service','XDP_Q_TIMER_SVC',
'SFM Timer Queue Service','XDP_Q_WI_SVC','SFM Work Item Queue Service','XDP_SMIT_SVC',
'SFM SM Interface Test Service') as "Concurrent Manager's Name", max_processes as "TARGET Processes",
running_processes as "ACTUAL Processes" from apps.fnd_concurrent_queues where CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME
order by running_processes desc

@ Submit active request from backend in Oracle Apps

[oracle@localhost]$  CONCSUB apps/applab3 SYSADMIN 'System Administrator' SYSADMIN WAIT=N CONCURRENT FND FNDSCURS

@ Sql to find Pending request in all Concurrent Manager

# select request_id,
from apps.fnd_concurrent_worker_requests a,
apps.fnd_concurrent_queues_vl b
where a.phase_code = 'P'
and a.status_code = 'I'
and a.hold_flag != 'Y'
and a.requested_start_date <= sysdate
and a.concurrent_queue_id = b.concurrent_queue_id
and a.control_code is null
and a.concurrent_queue_name != 'FNDCRM'
and a.concurrent_queue_name not in ('FNDCRM')
order by
request_id, b.user_concurrent_queue_name

@ Query to find Running request in Concurrent Manager

# set pages 58
set linesize 79
Column Reqst Format 999999
Column Requestor Format A10
Column Orcl Format A7
Column Program Format A10
Column Started Format A14
Column Manager Format A11
Column LN Format a10Column Reqst HEADING 'Request|ID'
Column Requestor HEADING 'Requestor'
Column Orcl HEADING 'Oracle|Name'
Column Started HEADING 'Started at'
Column MANAGER HEADING 'Controlling|Manager'
Column LN HEADING 'Logfile|name'
Column Program HEADING 'Program'

select Request_Id Reqst, User_Name Requestor, Oracle_Username Orcl,
Fcr.Logfile_Name LN,
Concurrent_Queue_Name Manager,
Concurrent_Program_Name Program,
To_Char(Actual_Start_Date, 'Mm-Dd-Yy Hh24:Mi') Started,
Run_Alone_Flag, Single_Thread_Flag
From Fnd_Concurrent_Requests Fcr, Fnd_Concurrent_Programs Fcp,
Fnd_Oracle_Userid O, Fnd_Concurrent_Processes P,
Fnd_Concurrent_Queues Q, Fnd_User
Controlling_Manager = Concurrent_Process_ID
And ( P.Concurrent_Queue_ID = Q.Concurrent_Queue_ID AND
P.Queue_Application_ID = Q.Application_ID )
And O.Oracle_Id = Fcr.Oracle_Id
And ( Fcr.Program_Application_Id = Fcp.Application_Id
And Fcr.Concurrent_Program_Id = Fcp.Concurrent_Program_Id )
And Requested_By = User_Id
And Phase_Code = 'R' and Status_Code = 'R'
Order By Actual_Start_Date, Request_Id


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