Apply Latest Release Update (January-2021) Patch on Oracle Database 19c Step by Step Tutorial

 In this article we have a discussion about how to apply latest Release Update (RU) patch on oracle database 19c. Here, we are going to show the latest (January-2021) Release update (RU) patch apply steps. 

Patch installation steps divide into four section

1. Pre-installation 

2. Installation

3. Post Installation

4. Deinstallation

1. Pre-installation 

Before apply patch highly recommended to take backup oracle home.

Take oracle home backup as following 

# cd /u01/oracle/product/19.0.0 (oracle home location)

# tar -pcvf /backup/oracle_home_bkup_210120.tar db_1 (db_1 is the home directory)

Before apply RU patch check carefully opatch utility version or later to apply the patch. If opatch version is lower than recommended version, then upgrade the opatch utility. Latest opatch utility version is available in oracle support we download the latest opatch utility selecting the release and upgrade the opatch utility. 

Check opatch version using following command

# cd $ORACLE_HOME/Opatch

# ./opatch version

Opatch utility version upgradation steps are as follow

a. Take backup opatch directory using following steps

Go to the oracle home and take backup


# tar -pcvf Opatch_bkp.tar Opatch (backup the current opatch directory)

b. Download latest opatch utility from oracle support


c. Downloaded latest opatch utility upload into the server in any directory of server

unzip the latest opatch utility into the Oracle Home directory

# unzip -d $ORACLE_HOME

d. After completing unzip check again opatch version using following command

# ./opatch version

 Output: OPatch Version:

Now check the last apply patch list using follow command

./opatch lsinventory

Check oracle database version using below query

Sql> select banner from v$version;

2. Patch Installation 

Below release update patch apply steps for single instance database environment

Step 1: download the latest Release Update patch set from and unzip patch in same server which database server we want to apply patch 


Step 2: Shutdown database and listener 

Sqlplus / as sysdba

sql> shutdown immediate

Stop Listener:

# lsnrctl stop  -- stop listener

check listener as follow

# lsnrctl status

Step 3: Apply opatch

Upload the patch file into server any directory and unzip the patch file

Give the proper permission of patch unzip directory and set the oracle home

we upload the patch file into /backup/patch directory and unzip the patch using following command

# unzip it will create a new directory and unzipped patch location is

# /backup/patch/32218454 (patch unzip location)

Patch location ownership and permission provided using below command

# chown -R oracle:oinstall /backup/patch/32218454

# chmod -R 775 /backup/patch/32218454

Now go to opatch location and apply patch

# cd $ORACLE_HOME/Opatch

# ./opatch apply  /backup/patch/32218454

In patch apply stage will ask for two input value and we will insert y as input. If all goes okay patch apply will be completed with OPatch succeeded message.


Do you want to proceed? [y|n] y

User Responded with: Y

Is the local system ready for patching? [y|n] Y

Check apply patch using following command

Now we run the following command to check whether patch is applied or not.

# cd $ORACLE_HOME/Opatch

# ./opatch lsinventory

## Using below query we can check last applied patch number and patch apply date

SQL> select PATCH_ID,to_char(ACTION_TIME,'DD-MON-YY'), action from sys.dba_registry_sqlpatch;

3. Patch Post-Installation Step

After successfully apply release update patch we start the oracle database and listener using following command. 

Startup the database and listener using below command

Sqlplus / as sysdba

Sql> startup

Startup listener

lsnrctl start

Now run the datapatch which is the patching tool to complete the post-patch SQL actions for RDBMS patches

Go to the location $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch

./datapatch -verbose

Finally, compile the invalid object running the script utlrp.sql 

cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin

sql> sqlplus / as sysdba


Latest release update patch apply is completed!

Now we will see the patch deinstallation steps as follow

4. Patch Deinstall Steps 

Below portion we will focus on how to deinstall applied patch. 

Patch deinstall steps for single database environment is given below

Shutdown the database and listener

Sqlplus / as sysdba

Sql> shutdown immediate

Lsnrctl stop

Go to the opatch directory (cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch)

Opatch.bat rollback -id 32218454 (patch number)

5. Patch Post Deinstallation steps

Patch Post-Deinstallation Instructions for a Single Instance Database Environment

Startup the database and listener

Sqlplus / as sysdba

Sql> startup

Lsnrctl start

Go to the opatch directory (cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch)

datapatch -verbose


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