Oracle Linux 7 Install Step by Step on VirtualBox

In this article we are going to describe how oracle Linux 7.6 install on virtualbox. Before oracle Linux 7 install we need to make sure that iso file is downloaded and virtualbox machine is created. Let's see the oracle Linux 7 installation steps as follow.

Step 1: This is the first step of oracle Linux 7 installation. Here we need to select Install Oracle Linux 7.6 and then press enter to go the next step. 

Step 2: Go to the next step keeping the default selection

Step 3: This is the installation summary page here we need to change configuration some section. First We will show how to change date time before installation. Click DATE & TIME button and go to the date time change windows.

a. This is the date time change window here we insert region and city as our requirement. 

b. This is the network change configuration windows here we can insert hostname as our requirement as well as change network configuration.  

c. This is hardware partitioning windows we can skep this step selecting automatically configure partitioning. Besides, we can manually partition hard disk here we will show how to manually partition the hard disk to enable manually partition we select "I will configure partitioning" button and click done button.

d. This is the partition windows here we click + button and add new mount point. 

e. This is the example how to add mount point with desired capacity. 

f. This is the example how to add mount point for swap memory with desired capacity.

g. This is the final look after partitioning with desired capacity. Now click Done button and go the next windows.

h. This is the software selection window here we can select the criteria which server we want to configure. 

Step 4: After pressing Begin Installation button in installation summary window when we check that all configuration change is okay and then OS installation will be stated. 

Step 5: This is the oracle Linux installation final stage. 


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